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Dalmatian in Grass

Prevention and treatment


Our pet hospital knows that prevention is key to a pet’s well being, especially when it comes to dental care. If your dog or cat has bad breath, if you are concerned about your pet’s dental and oral hygiene, DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY EVEN FOR A SECOND!


The impact of dental and oral health on the overall well being of your pet is one of the most commonly overlooked topics in the home care of pets. Along with weight control, I as your veterinarian in Cicero, Illinois, promote dental care as the equally most important thing a pet owner can do to increase the length of a pet’s healthy life. I use the dental/oral health of pets, as the one of the most important criteria to evaluate overall pet health.


BEFORE and AFTER of a professional dental procedure

Before and After Dental

Periodontal disease and dental plaque before the procedure

Healthy looking gum tissue and teeth after ultrasonic cleaning and polishing




It is a known fact that tartar buildup creates focal points of bacterial growth (infection) and causes the spread of bacteria to other organs in the body. Secondary diseases such as kidney disease and heart valve disease can ensue and cause serious problems which invariably require expensive treatments.

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of regular dental and oral checks (at least once a year, and ideally once every six months) to monitor the dental/oral health of your cat or dog. We enjoy spending time with you and your pet to examine the teeth, gums and other oral and facial tissues to make sure we both understand the status of your pet’s dental/oral health.

Should dental prophy (scaling and polishing) and possible extractions become necessary, it will be done under general anesthesia and multi-modal pain medication protocols to make sure pain is not a factor within the process. Your pet will go home with the continuation of the pain medication and at times with other medications as well for even better outcome.

Oral health and the overall well being of your pet, and nutrition go hand in hand. There are very few diet choices on the market which really work in the context of dental/oral care for pets. I, personally, will be thrilled to share my knowledge and experience in this field with you as well.

We believe keeping the cost down for our clients is one important tool to promote pet dental/oral hygiene in our local communities. While holding on to the same strategy, occasionally, we run promotions on dentistry to make it even more attractive for our clients.

Veterinary dentistry is probably the fastest growing area in this field. It is mainly attributed to the growing awareness about the pet dental and oral hygiene as well as the increasing demand for great care and wellness in this very exciting area. The studies still show a great potential for growth in the context of client education, and this rests on the shoulders of veterinarians.

Please feel free to call us today with any concerns you may have with the dental/oral issues of your pet. We will be there to help you, always!

Sincerely Yours,

Dr. Neelkanth Upadhyaya