Dunkin Veterinary Hospital

3648 S Laramie Ave
Cicero, IL 60804



We Know that we can not compete with charitable institutions in Prices,we do not ask for donations,we do not get any local,state or governmental fundings.We pays the taxes helping communities.But, our surgery prices helps off set prices of medicines and treatments.Still we are trying to remain most affordable private practice.


We Consider Each Procedure Under Anesthesia as a Major Surgery.We Pay full Attention to Every of Our Patient Undergoing Anesthesia





Male Surgery 

Upto 15Lbs                            $65

Neuter W/Front Declaws      $155


Female Surgery 

Upto 15 Lbs                    $90

Spay W/Front declaws   $185


Every Patient undergoing anesthesia is advised Blood Check,IV fluid Treatment and Injectable Pain Medicine.Cat patients are further advised for FeLV/FIV testing


Proof of vaccines required at the time of surgery.If not,vaccines will be given while surgery is performed.No Exception.


We Do Not Charge Extras for Absorbable Sutures.






Neuter Surgery 

Upto 20Lbs       $105

21-50 Lbs         $115

51-75 Lbs         $125

76-100 Lbs       $135

Spay Surgery 

Upto 20 Lbs     $125

21-50 Lbs        $135

51-75 Lbs        $155

76-100 Lbs      $225

Prices subject to change without notice