Dunkin Veterinary Hospital

3648 S Laramie Ave
Cicero, IL 60804



Special Vaccine Clinic: Tuesday:   9 AM -11.00 AM

                                    Thursday: 9 AM -11.00 AM 


Dog Vaccine Pack Plus Only $95.40 [Reg.$176.25]

Distemper/Parvo/Lepto [4strains] Combo  Vaccines

Rabies Vaccine*

Bordetella Vaccine

Dewormer [Round &Hook Worm]

Intestinal Parasite Screening [In House]

Annual Dog Vaccine Pack Only $81.60 [Reg.$142.25]

Distemper Combo  Vaccines

Rabies vaccine*

Bordetella Vaccine

Dewormer (Round & Hookworm)


Cat Vaccine Pack Plus Only $85.50 [Reg.$127]

3 or 4 In 1 Cat Vaccines

Rabies Vaccine*

Dewormer [Round &Hook Worm]

Intestinal Parasite Screening[In House]

Annual Cat Vaccine Pack Only $70.50 [Reg.$94]

3 or 4 In 1 cat Vaccines

Dewormer ( Round & Hook Worm)

Rabies vaccine* 

 *Cook County Tag Extra $7.50 for 1 year

 We Also offer 3 Years Rabies ,Bivalent [ 2-in One ] Dog Flu & Lyme Vaccinations

 Upgrade Your Packages with General Physical Examination,Add  $42.90

Every Day Low Prices On Puppy & Kitten Packages

Environment Fee Extra

Prices Subject to Change Without Notice.